Soldering with Induction

Ambrell has over 10,000 systems installed in over 50 countries and many of them are soldering application installations.

soldering with induction

Soldering with induction can improve your soldering process without flame or irons! Soldering with induction heating focuses energy in your part only. Solder your materials in a repeatable, precise flameless process.

We offer exceptional customer service before and after the sale. Your soldering application will be analyzed and tested in the nearest Ambrell Applications Lab. There is no charge, and you will receive a system recommendation designed to deliver the best possible solution for your brazing requirements. Ambrell delivers the expertise, innovation and system quality to give your company a competitive edge.

Precision Induction Heating

Precision Induction Heating

Read our 4-page brochure "About Induction Heating". Learn more about how the science of induction technology can solve your precision heating problems.

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Soldering with induction heating is the process of joining metals by means of alloys that melt between 350ºF-700ºF. The strength of the joint depends on the chemical composition and cleanliness of the surfaces to be joined.

Soldering produces liquid- and gas-tight joints quickly and at low cost. Most soldering applications are carried out in air, with the flux acting as a barrier to surface oxidation and interaction with the atmosphere. It is a convenient and economical way to produce joints when more complex joining machines are not available or cost-effective.

Flux is applied first to the bonding surfaces and then heat is applied to the joint area. The temperature required is just above the melting point of the solder. The solder is allowed to flow in the joint. After reflow, the solder is allowed to cool naturally and re-solidify.

Metal: Iron, nickel, copper, lead, tin, zinc, aluminum
Solder: Generally lead and tin alloys·
Flux: Necessary to rid the surface of the metals to be joined of oxides, to promote wetting and obtain intimate contact between the solder and base metal. There are different forms of flux: corrosive, intermediate and non-corrosive. Corrosive (Acid) flux cleans the surface well and is good for copper, low carbon steel, brass and bronze soldering. However, it is difficult to clean off after the process. Intermediate fluxes contain organic compounds and decompose at soldering temperatures. They are suitable for all materials that are solderable with mild fluxes. Non-corrosive fluxes are rosin-based. They are a good choice for electronic and critical soldering applications.
Heat source: fast, precise induction heating is best.

induction soldering from Ambrell

Ambrell's induction heating equipment is very well suited for soldering applications in a production environment. Heat is applied to specific regions of a solder joint in a very controlled and precise manner. Induction soldering is well suited for production line applications (like fiber optic ferrule assemby) because of low time-to-temperature, high levels of repeatability and non-contact, clean heating.

Induction soldering system output power ranges from 1 to 20 kW, depending on part and process requirements.

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soldering steel soldering_52 Soldering a pair of magnetic steel pins Soldering a pair of magnetic steel pins Heating with induction required under 10 seconds and is a highly repeatable process; the customer can expect the same result every time with only the portion of the part requiring heating being heated. There is no open flame with induction, which makes it a safer method of heating than torch heating. apps_able.php
soldering steel soldering_51 Soldering a rivet onto a steel tank cap with induction heating Soldering a rivet onto a steel tank cap with induction heating Induction proved faster than the client’s previous heating torch process. It is also is a repeatable heating process, so the client gets superior results and is more energy efficient than torch heating. Induction doesn’t have an open flame and introduces less heat into the work environment than a torch apps_able.php
soldering copper soldering_49 Soldering copper tabs for stringing, tabbing solar panels Soldering copper tabs for stringing, tabbing solar panels Induction’s precision heating ensures repeatable results and less damage to surrounding substrates while demonstrating reduced heat loss and lower energy usage. apps_able.php
soldering copper soldering_48 Soldering a copper grounding lug and wire Soldering a copper grounding lug and wire For this grounding lug soldering application, induction delivers consistent result is achieved each time and does not present a flame, so it helps create a safer, cooler working environment than other methods apps_able.php
soldering brass soldering_47 Soldering brass and steel radiator caps Soldering brass and steel radiator caps The heating process is completed within 15 seconds with consistent results without the use of flame, creating a safer, cooler working environment. apps_able.php
soldering copper soldering_46 Soldering a copper tube to a brass valve [flow valve] Soldering a copper tube to a brass valve [flow valve] The heating process was completed within 12 seconds, faster than the client’s gas torch and more reliably. Without flame, induction helps create a safer, cooler working environment. apps_able.php
soldering copper soldering_45 Soldering a copper wire, contactor assembly [motor] Soldering a copper wire, contactor assembly [motor] High intensity heat must be applied to the joint area for this application so that thermal conduction of the copper does not sink away the heat delivered from the induction process. apps_able.php
soldering fiberoptics soldering_42 Soldering a Ferrule to a Fiber Optic Cable (Hermetic Sealing) Soldering a Ferrule to a Fiber Optic Cable (Hermetic Sealing) To heat a Kovar ferrule and fiber optic cable to 297°F within 10 seconds for a soldering application, to form a hermetic seal apps_able.php
soldering copper soldering_41 Soldering a fine copper wire to a connector assembly Soldering a fine copper wire to a connector assembly induction heating delivered a higher quality joint, is more energy efficient than the outdated system that the client was using. apps_able.php
soldering steel soldering_40 Soldering a steel canister for sealing Soldering a steel canister for sealing Current hand-soldering process results in uneven, non-uniform joints and requires long production times. Induction delivers uniform, quality joints by generating heat within the end-plate and reservoir walls. apps_able.php
soldering fiberoptic soldering_39 Soldering Fiber Optic Cable to Fiber Ferrule with Glass Preform Solda de Cabo de Fibra Ótica à uma Anilha de Fibra Pré-formada com Vidro Induction heating provides rapid localized heat only where needed, repeatable, consistent results with clean, controllable joints apps_able.php
soldering steel soldering_38 Soldering a steel funnel to flex spout olda de funil de aço a um bico flexível Induction heating delivers non-contact energy-efficient heat without flame, resulting in repeatable and consistent results apps_able.php
soldering   soldering_37 Hermetically sealing a fiber optic cable in a kovar ferrule Selagem hermética de uma cabo de fibra ótica em anilha de kovar Induction heating provides instant start up time, requiring very little power resources, pin point accuracy, a clean source of heat which is easily integrated into existing automated systems apps_able.php
soldering   soldering_36 Soldering windows to time indicator housings Solda de janelas à alojamentos de indicadores de tempo Soldering soda lime glass metal edged windows to steel time
indicator housings
soldering   soldering_35 Soldering a copper chip to a silver dipped brass RF attenuator Solda de uma pastilha de cobre à um atenuador de RF de latão banhado à prata Induction heating provides repeatable consistent results in all three areas soldered at the same time, not individually. Faster process time, increased production and even distribution of heating apps_able.php
soldering   soldering_34 Soldering wires onto three connector tabs on a three position wall socket plug Solda de fios em três terminais de conector em uma tomada de parede de três posições Customer is currently using a soldering iron & individually touching each soldering point which is producing inconsistent results and quality issues. apps_able.php
soldering   soldering_33 Soldering 3 copper spacers to circuit board simultaneously Solda de 3 espaçadores de cobre à uma placa de circuito impresso, simultaneamente Induction heating delivers precise, controlled application of heat in a repeatable, non-contact, clean heating process, enabling increased production capacity and improved energy efficiency apps_able.php
soldering   soldering_27 Soldering Electrical Flex Circuits Soldagem de circuitos elétricos flexíveis To heat multiple joints on flex circuit strips to 180-200°F within seven seconds for a soldering application. apps_able.php
soldering   soldering_26 Soldering a Radio Antenna Soldagem de uma antena de rádio de automóvel To heat a coaxial antenna assembly to 600°F within 2 seconds for a soldering application. The goal to improve on an existing procedure with a soldering iron which required 10 to 15 seconds. apps_able.php
soldering   soldering_25 Soldering Solar Flex Circuits Soldagem de circuitos solares flexíveis Heat multiple joints on solar flex circuit strips to 500°F (260ºC) within ten seconds for a soldering application. apps_able.php
soldering   soldering_24 Soldering three fuse caps simultaneously Soldagem de três tampas de fusíveis simultaneamente Soldering three fuse caps simultaneously to reflow lead free solder and make a joint between the fuse cap and fuse wire guide apps_able.php
soldering   soldering_23 Soldering three brass connectors in a solar panel junction box assembly Soldagem de três conectores de latão em uma caixa de junção de painel solar Solder three brass connectors one at a time in a solar panel junction box without affecting the components in the junction box apps_able.php
soldering   soldering_22 Soldering a steel cover onto a nickel plated EMI filter Soldagem de tampa de aço niquelado em um alojamento de filtro EMI de aço niquelado Soldering a nickel plated steel cover onto a nickel plated steel EMI filter housing without damaging the RF circuit apps_able.php
soldering   soldering_20 Soldering 2 copper wires to copper buss bar Soldagem de dois fios de cobre a um barramento de cobre Induction heating delivers reduced solder time, even distribution of heating and improved joint-to-joint consistency apps_able.php
soldering   soldering_19 Soldering an LED assembly to an aluminum spotlight housing Soldagem de um conjunto de LEDs em uma caixa de alumínio de luz spot A multi turn pancake coil is used to heat the bottom of the aluminum spotlight housing. The LED housing was not available so this application is done with temperature sensing paint to determine the feasibility apps_able.php
soldering   soldering_18 Soldering connector to wire harness Soldagem de um conector a um chicote de fiação Induction heating provides reduced production cost, faster process time, hands-free heating that involves no operator skill for manufacturing apps_able.php
soldering   soldering_17 Soldering two connectors simultaneously to gound plate Soldagem simultânea de dois conectores a uma placa de aterramento Induction heating provides non-contact heat, hands-free heating that involves no operator skill for manufacturing with even distribution of heating apps_able.php
soldering   soldering_16 Soldering fabric to kovar tip assembly Soldagem de tecido em um conjunto de ponta de kovar A three turn pancake coil is used to heat the tip of the cone to 300 ºF (149 ºC) in 2-3 seconds apps_able.php
soldering   soldering_15 Soldering a kovar piece with glass to a copper base for a photon light source Soldering a kovar piece with glass to a copper base for a photon light source Induction heating provides ability to use same equipment for both assembly and repair, hands-free heating that involves no operator skill for manufacturing, and uniform control of heat from part to part apps_able.php
soldering   soldering_14 Soldering brass and copper (anesthetic medical equipment) Soldagem de cobre e latão (equipamento médico de anestesia) This process is completed in two steps that use a 3 turn helical coil. The first process is to solder the brass ring to the copper piece which takes 85 seconds. apps_able.php
soldering   soldering_13 Soldering circuit board posts with lead or lead free solder preforms Soldagem de colunas de placa de circuito em pré-formados de solda Induction heating provides hands-free heating that involves no operator skill for manufacturing, lends itself well to automation, solder controlled by preforms, no excess left on board, good solder flow without over heating the board apps_able.php
soldering   soldering_12 Soldering Brass end cap on heat exchanger Soldering Brass end cap on heat exchanger A dual four turn pancake coil is used to solder 2 brass caps per cycle. Liquid solder is squirted onto the end cap and is heated for 18 seconds at 302ºF (150ºC) to burn off the flux apps_able.php
soldering   soldering_11 Reflowing the solder of an area on a circuit board Refluir uma área em uma placa de circuito An aluminum fixture is a large heat sink to the induction field. In order for solder alloy to wick and run the length of the overlap area, flux is applied to the solder location. apps_able.php
soldering   soldering_10 Soldering of satellite antennas Soldagem de antenas de satélite Induction heating delivers increased production rate due to speed of heating, higher quality vs. a soldering iron due to precision and repeatability and cost savings due to reduced scrap and higher quality production apps_able.php
soldering   soldering_9 Soldering wires onto connector assemblies Soldagem de fios em um conector Compared to using a manual soldering iron, induction heating precisely applies heat to for higher quality solder joints This is ideal for integrating with an automated system. By stick- feeding the solder more aesthetically pleasing parts are produced. apps_able.php
soldering   soldering_8 Soldering Co-axial Wire Assemblies Soldagem de conjuntos de cabo axial A multi-turn helical coil is used and temperature-indicating paint is applied to the joint area. The wire assembly is placed over the induction heating coil, and RF power is applied. apps_able.php
soldering   soldering_7 Soldering a copper tab on a speaker ring Soldagem de uma aba de cobre em um anel de alto-falante With an efficient coil design induction heating easily reaches the desired reflow temperature in a very short amount of time. apps_able.php
soldering   soldering_6 Soldering a Stainless Steel Tube to Cylinder Soldagem de um tubo de aço inoxidável em um cilindro Heat a.125” (3.175mm) diameter stainless steel tube to a 1” diameter cylinder 1” (25.4mm) tall for a soldering application apps_able.php
soldering   soldering_5 Soldering Steel Housing Soldagem de uma carcaça de aço A two-turn induction coil is used to deliver the heat energy into the steel housing. A small diameter solder wire is used to form a solder ring for the assembly process. apps_able.php
soldering   soldering_4 Soldering Cellular Phone Antenna Soldagem de uma antena de telefone celular Soldering two brass tubes measuring 3/4" and 1/4" together for use as cellular phone antennas. The lengths of tubes range from four (4) feet to twelve (12) feet, and must be soldered along the axial side. apps_able.php
soldering   soldering_3 Soldering Ice Machine Evaporator assemblies Soldagem de uma tubulação de cobre em um evaporador de máquina de gelo To heat a section of 3/8" copper tubing along with a 90 degree elbow for soldering. The copper tubing is to be used in Ice Machine Evaporator Assemblies, and soldering takes place after the tubes have been placed within the assembly. apps_able.php
soldering   soldering_2 Soldering Brass Bellows Assembly Soldagem da tampa da extremidade de um fole de latão To heat a brass bellows and end cap assembly to 450F for soldering within 20 seconds. Presently, a soldering iron is used to produce the joint between the bellows and cap. apps_able.php
soldering   soldering_1 Soldering Brass Slip Ring Soldagem de um anel coletor de bronze a um conjunto de fios de cobre To heat 1 3/4", 3" and 6" diameter brass slip rings and a sheathed copper wire assembly to 360F for soldering within three (3) to six (6) seconds. Currently production is accomplished by using a soldering iron and stick feeding rosin-cored solder. apps_able.php