Shrink Fitting with Induction

Ambrell has over 10,000 systems installed in over 50 countries and many of them are shrink fitting application installations.

shrink fitting with induction

Improve your shrink-fit process without flame! Induction heating focuses energy in your part only. You don't need a torch or a costly batch or furnace process. Shrink fit your materials in a repeatable, precise flameless process.

We offer exceptional customer service before and after the sale. Your shrink fitting application will be analyzed and tested in the nearest Ambrell Applications Lab. There is no charge, and you will receive a system recommendation designed to deliver the best possible solution for your brazing requirements. Ambrell delivers the expertise, innovation and system quality to give your company a competitive edge.

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induction shrink fitting

Most applications involve a shaft with a given outside diameter and another part such as a bearing, gear, steering knuckle or washer which has a bore hole. There are several forms of this type of joint, characterized by the amount of tolerance (space) between the two parts. The shrink fitting process is used for the interference fit type joint.

By heating the mass around the bore hole uniformly, it is possible to significantly expand the size of the hole. The shaft is then easily inserted into the expanded hole. Upon cooling, the mass around the hole shrinks back to its original size and frictional forces create a highly effective joint.

Calculations For Shrink Fitting

Modern induction heating systems provide the speed, accuracy and repeatability necessary to produce quality shrink-fitted joints. With a properly designed work coil, induction heating can uniformly heat the bore hole, producing repeatable expansion. With the remote heat station capability of solid state induction heating power supplies, shrink fitting can be done on the production line.

Induction systems typically used for metal to shrink fitting range from 1 to 20kW, depending on the parts and application requirements.

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shrink-fitting aluminum shrinkfitting_20 Shrink fitting an aluminum motor housing for the automotive industry Shrink fitting an aluminum motor housing for the automotive industry Induction heating is fast, presents significant energy savings over an electric oven, requires a more modest footprint than an oven and can be easily integrated into an automated process apps_able.php
shrink-fitting aluminum shrinkfitting_19 Shrink fitting an aluminum hub to enable a steel bushing to be inserted Shrink fitting an aluminum hub to enable a steel bushing to be inserted The client currently uses an electric oven and the heating time is two hours, so at 60 seconds, the time savings with induction is very significant apps_able.php
shrink-fitting steel shrinkfitting_16 Shrink-fitting a gear securely on a shaft (automotive) Shrink-fitting a gear securely on a shaft (automotive) The customer was using a torch, which can lead to inconsistent part quality. Induction's precise heating means the client can count on consistent results in their process apps_able.php
shrink-fitting auminum shrinkfitting_15 Shrink-fitting an aluminum motor housing Shrink-fitting an aluminum motor housing The customer was using a cold press, but it was creating part defects. This was resolved with induction heating: the process took just two minutes compared to 40 minutes and they were able to achieve their targeted production rate. Induction’s fast, precise heating means the client can count on consistent results once it is implemented into their process. apps_able.php
shrink-fitting stainless steel shrinkfitting_13 Heating a stainless steel sleeve for industrial washers Aquecimento de luva de aço inox para a termo-contração de um eixo para arruelas industriais The customer currently uses electric ovens that run 24 hours a day, 5 days per week and their primary concern is to save on the energy cost of heating the parts in the ovens.  apps_able.php
shrink-fitting steel shrinkfitting_12 Shrinkfitting a steel mud pump liner Termo-contração de alinhamento em bomba de lama de aço A twenty-turn helical coil is used to heat the chain. The chain is fed through the coil at a rate of 1 meter per minute to reach the desired 1760 ºF (960 ºC) for the tempering process.  apps_able.php
shrink-fitting steel shrinkfitting_11 Shrink fit a steel gear onto a steel gear motor shaft Ajuste por contração de uma engrenagem de aço no eixo de aço de uma caixa de engrenagens de motor A four-turn helical internal coil is used to heat the gear bore. The coil is inserted into the gear bore and power is applied for 90 seconds to reach the required 400 ºF (204 ºC) and expand the gear bore. apps_able.php
shrink-fitting carbide shrinkfitting_10 Shrink-fitting a carbide ring into a valve seat Ajuste por contração de um anel de carbeto em uma sede de válvula A three turn helical coil is used to heat the steel valve seat. The steel valve seat is placed in the coil and heated for 50 seconds to enlarge the center hole & drop the carbide ring in for the shrink-fitting process. apps_able.php
shrink-fitting aluminum shrinkfitting_9 Shrink-fitting auto turbo charger impeller blades onto an aluminum shaft Ajuste por contração de pás do impelidor de um turbocarregador em um eixo de alumínio Induction heating provides repeatable results, reduced cycle time, lower consumables cost and even distribution of heating apps_able.php
shrink-fitting aluminum shrinkfitting_8 Shrink-fitting aluminum pulley to insert inner bearing Ajuste por contração de uma polia de alumínio para inserir rolamento interno A three turn helical coil is used to heat the aluminum pulley. The pulley is heated to 464 ºF (240 ºC) in 20 seconds to expand the inner diameter and then the inner bearing is inserted to form the completed part. apps_able.php
shrink-fitting steel shrinkfitting_6 Shrink-fitting an assembled wrist pin into a connecting rod Ajuste por contração de um pino de articulação em uma haste conectora Induction heating provides more accurate control of heat vs a flame burner, it heats only the knuckle, not the whole part, it prevents discoloring due to lower temperature used and increases productivity due to repeatability & ease of operation. A foot pedal & timer is used. apps_able.php
shrink-fitting cast iron shrinkfitting_5 Shrink-fitting a cast iron rocker arm assemblies Ajuste por contração de conjuntos de balancins em ferro fundido A four-turn helical coil heats the ring at one end of the assembly. The coil is designed to concentrate the field towards the center of the assembly where the thermal mass is greatest. apps_able.php
shrink-fitting steel shrinkfitting_4 Shrink fit a motor shaft and roller Ajuste por contração de um eixo e rolete de motor Processing with induction heat saves power and time. The complete tube does not have to reach the desired temperature as it does when heating with an oven. Being able to selectively heat a zone allows for a much quicker transfer of heat. apps_able.php
shrink-fitting steel shrinkfitting_3 Shrink-fitting a Camshaft Gear Ajuste por contração de uma engrenagem de comando de válvulas Heating a camshaft gear with a bore size of 1.630" to shrink fit over a steel shaft that has a diameter of 1.632". A temperature of 500F is required for the gear to expand 0.002" in order to slip over the shaft. apps_able.php
shrink-fitting steel shrinkfitting_2 Shrink-fitting a Fuel Pump Housing and Inserts Ajuste por contração da carcaça de uma bomba de combustível e inserções To heat an aluminum fuel pump housing measuring 8" x 4 1/2" x 3 1/2" to 375F, allowing steel parts to be inserted. apps_able.php
shrink-fitting steel heat_shrinking1 Shrink Fitting of Bearings Shrink Fitting of Bearings A multi-turn helical coil delivers uniform heat to the entire range of the bearing sizes in the transverse mode. Use of this singlephase power supply greatly simplifies installation and promotes portability  
shrink-fitting steel autoshrink Shrink Fitting Cam Shaft Gears Shrink Fitting Cam Shaft Gears To heat aluminum and steel camshaft gears to over 500°F within 4 minutes for a shrink fitting application.  
shrink-fitting graphite shrinkfitting_1 Shrink fit a carbon graphite ring insert into an outer steel band Ajuste por contração de uma inserção de anel de grafite em uma fita externa de aço Induction heating provides a highly effective joint, accurate & repeatable heat, precise control of cycle times, uniform and repeatable results and hands-free heating that involves no operator skill for manufacturing apps_able.php