Metal to Glass Sealing with Induction

Ambrell has over 10,000 systems installed in over 50 countries and many of them are metal-to-glass sealing applications.

metal glass sealing with induction

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We offer exceptional customer service before and after the sale. Your Metal to Glass Sealing application will be analyzed and tested in the nearest Ambrell Applications Lab. There is no charge, and you will receive a system recommendation designed to deliver the best possible solution for your brazing requirements. Ambrell delivers the expertise, innovation and system quality to give your company a competitive edge.

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Metal-to-glass sealing involves heating metal to melt glass in order to form a seal between the two materials. The process is typically used in the production of a lamp bulb or a laser tube to form an air tight seal. Care must be taken when sealing metal to glass due to different expansion rates of the glass and metal upon cooling and after production. Sometimes, a third material such as a polymeric bonding agent is used to create a seal.

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Modern induction heating provides reliable, repeatable, non-contact and energy-efficient heat in a minimal amount of time. Induction provides the necessary control and accuracy to focus the heat to a specific area of the part. Solid state RF induction can be used to efficiently and repeatedly heat a metal and subsequently melt glass to form a seal.

Typical RF power supplies for metal-to-glass sealing range from 1 to 20 kW, depending on the material and application requirements.

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metal-glass-sealing   melting_04 Hermetic sealing of stainless steel rods with glass platforms Hermetic sealing of stainless steel rods with glass platforms

Scellement hermétique de tiges en acier inoxydable sur des plateformes en verre

Hermetic sealing of stainless steel rods with glass platforms To heat seal both ends of a stainless steel heater assembly 300-500ºF (149-260ºC) and melting glass preforms
metal-glass-sealing   metaltoglass_1 Fusing Glass to a Stainless Steel Housing Fusing Glass to a Stainless Steel Housing

Fusion de verre sur un boîtier en acier inoxydable

Fusing Glass to a Stainless Steel Housing To heat a stainless steel housing to 18750 F in order to fuse a piece of R6 glass to the inside of the housing.
metal-glass-sealing   metaltoglass_2 Repair of Glass Lined Tank Repair of Glass Lined Tank Réparation d’une cuve vitrifiée Repair of Glass Lined Tank To heat selected areas of a glass lined steel tank to 16000 F in order to perform repairs of cracks and chips.