Heating, Pre-heating with Induction

Ambrell has over 10,000 systems installed in over 50 countries and many of them are heating or pre-heating application installations.

heating with induction

Improve your heating processes without flame! Induction heating focuses energy in your part only. You don't need a torch or a costly batch or furnace process. Heat all your materials in a repeatable, precise flameless process.

We offer exceptional customer service before and after the sale. Your [process] application will be analyzed and tested in the nearest Ambrell Applications Lab. There is no charge, and you will receive a system recommendation designed to deliver the best possible solution for your brazing requirements. Ambrell delivers the expertise, innovation and system quality to give your company a competitive edge.

Our 12-page Brochure Precision Induction Brazing is an informative look at the benefits induction can bring to your brazing process. Share your business contact information; download your copy and learn more.

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A drilling bit is syaged for preheating prior to a carbide brazing process

This section of the Application Notebook includes general heating applications that don't fall neatly into other process categories. There are many applications for precision heating where only a portion of the part must be heated to allow the correct operation to occur; specific reports in this section of our database cover heating techniques for nitinol, carbon fiber rods, thin copper wire, valve heads and other materials.

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heating steel heating_101 Preheating a magnetic steel die Preheating a magnetic steel die Preheating a magnetic steel die Preheating a magnetic steel die Preheating a magnetic steel die The induction process required 10 minutes to heat to the required temperature; the client’s resistance heater took more than ten minutes. Also there will no longer be a need to open the chamber to remove the heater. apps_able.php
heating aluminum heating_100 Heating aluminum wire to create screens Heating aluminum wire to create screens Heating aluminum wire to create screens Heating aluminum wire to create screens Heating aluminum wire to create screens Induction will double production due to more rapid heating than infrared lamps can offer; with induction 100 feet per minute can be run instead of 50 feet per minute with infrared apps_able.php
heating steel heating_99 Heating rods for thread rolling to create fasteners Heating rods for thread rolling to create fasteners Heating rods for thread rolling to create fasteners Heating rods for thread rolling to create fasteners Heating rods for thread rolling to create fasteners This is part of an automated line. The system was sized and the coil was designed to ensure 45 parts per minute can be heated to the temperature required for hot forming. apps_able.php
heating steel heating_98 Heating stainless steel inserts for an insertion application Heizung Edelstahl-Einsätze für eine Insertion Anwendung* Chauffage inserts en acier inoxydable pour une demande d'insertion* Calefacción inserciones de acero inoxidable para una aplicación de inserción*   Induction offers dramatically faster heating compared to ultrasonics which means dramatically increased production rates. Induction is highly repeatable and easy-to-integrate into manufacturing processes. apps_able.php
heating steel heating_97 Hot forming a steel pipe Warmumformung ein Stahlrohr* Formage à chaud d'un tube en acier* Formando caliente un tubo de acero*   A 2.5"steel pipe is heated to the targeted temperature quickly with induction's repeatable process. EKOHEAT is easy to integrate into manufacturing processes and targets only the portion of the tube that requires bending while not heating the remainder of the tube. apps_able.php
heating steel heating_95 Heating a steel grenade for a disposing application Heizung eine Stahlgranate für eine Entsorgung Anwendung* Le chauffage d'une grenade d'acier pour une application disposant* Calentar una granada de acero para una aplicación disponer*   The grenade was then placed inside the coil and power was turned on. After just two seconds the painted indicated, meaning the part achieved 800 °F (427 °C). apps_able.php
heating aluminum heating_94 Tempering an audio speaker screen Anlass einen Lautsprecher Bildschirm* La trempe d'un écran de haut-parleur* Templado una pantalla de altavoces de audio*   The speaker screen was placed over the induction coil and the power was turned on. The screen heated to the desired temperature within just one second apps_able.php
heating aluminum heating_92 Heating an aluminum-backed circuit board to reflow solder Heizung ein Aluminium-Backed-Leiterplatte Reflow* Chauffer un circuit d'aluminium adossés à refusion* Calentar una tarjeta de circuitos de aluminio con respaldo de reflujo de soldadura*   Given the significantly faster heating time, induction improves throughput in this process and is a more efficient heating method than hot plate heating apps_able.php
heating Kovar heating_91 Heating a Kovar tube for a glass sealing application Erhitzen einer Kovar Rohr für eine Glasversiegelung Anwendung* Chauffage d'un tube Kovar pour une application verre de scellement* Calentar un tubo Kovar para una aplicación de sellado de vidrio*   The client was using a torch, and operator error was slowing the heating. The repeatability of induction enables improved throughput while in this process it is a more efficient heating method than torch heating, also reducing scrap apps_able.php
heating chromel heating_90 Heating a chromel grid for an oxidization application Erhitzen einer chromel Raster für eine Oxidation Anwendung Le chauffage d'une grille de chromel pour une demande d'oxydation* Calentar una rejilla Chromel para una aplicación oxidación*   Induction delivers a dramatic reduction in heating time, enabling a significant increase in production while providing a more energy-efficient heating method than furnace heating apps_able.php
pre-heating steel heating_88 Pre-heating a steel plate and a carriage roller shaft for a welding application Vorerhitzen einer Stahlplatte und einer Wagen Rollenwelle für einen Schweiß Anwendung Pré-chauffage d'une plaque en acier et un arbre de rouleau de transport pour une application de soudage* Pre-calentamiento de una placa de acero y un eje de rodillo de carro para una aplicación de soldadura*   Induction heating achieves the client’s targeted speed/production rate and opens up the possibility of preheating while welding apps_able.php
pre-heating steel heating_89 Pre-heating a steel transaxle tube for a welding application Vorrwärmung eines Stahl Transaxle-Rohr für einen Schweißanwendung Pré-chauffage d'un tube de pont en acier pour une application de soudage* Pre-calentar un tubo de acero transeje para una aplicación de soldadura   Induction heating achieves an identical result consistently, and is a more efficient heating method, each of which are advantage over torch heating apps_able.php
heating alumina heating_87 Heating fluid passing through an alumina tube Erwärmen eines durch eine Aluminiumleitung fließenden Mediums Chauffage d’un fluide circulant dans un tube en alumine Calentamiento de un fluido que pasa por un tubo de alúmina   To heat an alumina tube to heat magnetic particles in order to heat fluid passing through the tube for an oil industry application apps_able.php
heating lead heating_86 Heating the joint area of two lead plates for a butt welding application Erwärmen des Stoßbereichs zweier Bleiplatten für eine Stoßschweißanwendung Chauffage de la zone du joint entre deux plaques de plomb pour une application de soudure bout à bout. Calentamiento del área de unión de dos placas de plomo para una aplicación de soldadura a tope   The client was using a torch, which took five minutes; induction takes just one minute, which means an improved production rate and, unlike a torch, induction heating is precise and repeatable... apps_able.php
heating steel heating_85 Heating cylinder liners for insertion into aluminum engine blocks Erwärmen von Zylinderbuchsen für das Einsetzen in Aluminium-Motorblöcke Chauffage de chemises de cylindres en vue de leur insertion dans des blocs moteur en aluminium Calentamiento de camisas de cilindro para inserción en bloques de motor de aluminio    Temperature indicating paint was applied to the part for testing purposes. The part was then placed into the induction heating coil and the power was turned on. In just under 30 seconds, the part achieved temperature. apps_able.php
heating stainless steel heating_84 Heating stainless steel finned parts Erwärmen von Lamellen aus Edelstahl Chauffage de pièces à ailettes en acier inoxydable Calentamiento de piezas de acero inoxidable con aletas Aquecimento barbatanas de aço inoxidável Induction is a targeted, precise heating method with instant on/off, saving users energy and it is a flameless heating method, so it provides employees with a cooler, lower-risk working environment... apps_able.php
heating copper heating_82 Heating a coated copper wire for a stripping application Erwärmen eines beschichteten Kupferdrahts für eine Ablösungsanwendung Chauffage d’un fil de cuivre enrobé pour une application de démétallisation Calentamiento de hilo de cobre recubierto para una aplicación de pelado Aquecimento de um fio de cobre revestido em aplicação de descascamento The top 1” (25 mm) portion of the plastic coated wire was placed inside the helical coil and heating began. The top turn rapidly started to heat and the plastic melted after about 10 seconds of heating... apps_able.php
heating copper heating_81 Heating a copper end cap to temperature to melt wax Erwärmen eines beschichteten Kupferdrahts für eine Ablösungsanwendung Chauffage d’un embout en cuivre à une température permettant de faire fondre la cire Calentamiento de un tapón terminal de cobre hasta una temperatura para fundir cera  Aquecimento de uma tampa de extremidade de cobre à temperatura adeqüada para fundir a cera To heat a copper end cap to temperature for a wax reflow application; the end product is a temperature stat and the client is looking to cut their heating time in half... apps_able.php
heating copper heating_80 Preheating copper bars Vorerwärmen von Kupferstangen Préchauffage de barres de cuivre Precalentamiento de barras de cobre Pré-aquecimento de barras de cobre To preheat two copper bars to temperature within 30 seconds; the client is looking to replace a competitor’s 5kW induction heating system that is delivering unsatisfactory results apps_able.php
heating steel heating_78 Heat steel plates of various thicknesses on the same line Wärmestahlplatten mit verschiedenen Dicken auf der gleichen Linie* Des plaques d'acier de chaleur de différentes épaisseurs sur la même ligne* Placas de acero de calor de varios grosores en la misma línea*   This in-line system enables the client to heat plates with significantly different thicknesses, while the feed-rate varies considerably based on the thickness of the part. Induction is the fastest method of heating steel plates to the required temperature apps_able.php
heating copper heating_77 Preheating a copper rod and connector [epoxy curing] Vorerwärmen eines Kupferstabs und Anschluss [Epoxid-Aushärtung] Préchauffage d’une tige et d’un connecteur en cuivre [durcissement de l’époxy] Precalentamiento de una barra de cobre y un conector [polimerizado de epoxi] O pré-aquecimento de uma haste de cobre e conector para cura de epóxi Induction heated the part to temperature quickly in a far more efficient method than an oven, heating only the parts of the rod that required heating apps_able.php
heating titanium heating_76 Heating a titanium bracelet; create the desired finish Erwärmen eines Titan-Armbands; Erstellen des gewünschten Finishs Chauffage d’un bracelet en titane pour obtenir la finition souhaitée Calentamiento de un brazalete de titanio para crear el acabado deseado Aquecimento de uma abraçadeira de titânio para criar o acabamento desejado Within 35 seconds the center band of the bracelet turned black. The client had been using a torch, but looked to induction due to speed, safety and repeatability... apps_able.php
heating titanium heating_75 Preheating a titanium billet to temperature prior to rolling Vorerwärmen eines Titan-Barrens auf Walztemperatur Préchauffage d’une billette en titane à la bonne température en vue de son laminage Precalentamiento de un tocho de titanio hasta una temperatura antes de su laminado O pré-aquecimento de um cilindro de titânio à temperatura antes de rolagem Induction uniformly heats the large billet and the client’s longer 15 foot billets quickly to 1800C. apps_able.php
heating nanoparticles heating_74 Heating a nanoparticle solution to 40 ºC Erwärmen einer Nanopartikel-Lösung auf 40 ºC Chauffage d’une solution de nanoparticules à 40 °C Calentamiento de una solución de nanopartículas hasta los 40 °C Aquecimento de uma solução de nanopartículas a 40 º C Heat a nanoparticle solution to get it to increase at least 40 ºC for medical research/laboratory testing apps_able.php
heating inconel heating_73 Stress relieving flat blanks of carbon steel to reduce wheel hardness Entspannungsglühen von Blechplättchen aus C-Stahl zur Reduzierung der Scheibenhärte Recuit de détente de flans plats en acier au carbone afin de réduire la dureté des roues  Recocido de pletinas de acero al carbono para reducir la dureza de las ruedas  Alivio de tensão de barras planas de aço carbono para reduzir a dureza da roda Induction rapidly heats the carbon steel to temperature, enabling a rate of 30 feet per minute, not only saving production time, but saving energy costs. With a modest footprint, induction is easily implemented into production processes such as this one... apps_able.php
heating inconel heating_72 Heating an Inconel tube (incineration) Erwärmen einer Inconel-Leitung (Verbrennung Chauffage d’un tube en Inconel (incinération) Calentamiento de un tubo Inconel (incineración) Aquecendo um tubo de Inconel para incineração Induction offers uniform heating, which flame does not offer, is more efficient than flame and can rapidly melt the materials apps_able.php
heating steel heating_71 Preheating a turbine blade (welding) Vorerwärmen einer Turbinenschaufel (Schweißen) Préchauffage d’une aube de turbine (soudure) Precalentamiento de un álabe de turbina (soldadura) Pré-aquecimento de uma lâmina de turbina para soldagem The end result is a preheating process that allows the part to move quickly to the welding step while meeting all quality requirements apps_able.php
heating steel heating_69 Preheating steel rods for a welding application Vorerwärmen von Stahlstäben für eine Schweißanwendung Préchauffage de tiges en acier pour une application de soudure Precalentamiento de barras de acero para una aplicación de soldadura Pré-aquecimento de hastes de aço para uma aplicação de solda Induction does a superior job penetrating the pin when compared to a torch, which is critical to preheating for welding and enables fast heating which can boost production compared to torch heating apps_able.php
heating steel heating_70 Heating a steel ball on a pin for an insertion application Erwärmen einer Stahlkugel auf einem Stift für eine Einsetzanwendung Chauffage d’une bille en acier sur une broche à des fins d’insertion Calentamiento de una bola de acero sobre un pasador para una aplicación de inserción Aquecimento de uma esfera de aço em um pino para uma aplicação de inserção While the project is new, the customer wanted the part to be heated to temperature within four seconds, and that was easily achieved and exceeded with the EASYHEAT power supply apps_able.php
heating steel heating_68 Preheating an automotive transaxle (welding) Erwärmen einer Stahlkugel auf einem Stift für eine Einsetzanwendung Préchauffage d’une boîte-pont d’automobile (soudure)  Precalentamiento de un transeje de automoción (soldadura)  O pré-aquecimento de um eixo cardan automotivo para solda The steel axle was painted with temperature indicating paint and a thermocouple was attached to the part. apps_able.php
heating nickel heating_66 Heat a block of Haynes nickel alloy to test the crack growth rate Erwärmen eines Blocks aus Haynes Nickellegierung zur Überprüfung der Rissausbreitungsgeschwindigkeit Chauffage d’un bloc en alliage nickel Haynes en vue de tester la vitesse de propagation des fissures Calentamiento de un bloque de aleación Haynes de níquel para evaluar la tasa de desarrollo de fisuras Aquecer um bloco de liga de níquel Haynes para testar a taxa de crescimento de fissura Testing was conducted to optimize the power delivered to the part. The coil was designed to minimize the voltage potential over the length of the part. apps_able.php
heating steel heating_65 Preheating a steel plate for forging Vorerwärmen einer Stahlplatte zum Schmieden Préchauffage d’une plaque en acier pour le forgeage Precalentamiento de chapa de acero para forja Pré-aquecimento de uma chapa de aço para forjar The process achieved a production rate of 100 parts per hour, while a gas furnace produced 83 parts per hour; the process is repeatable and can be integrated into a production process apps_able.php
heating steel heating_62 Heating Tool-Steel Circular Dies to 400C in 10 minutes Erwärmen von Werkzeugstahl-Rundformen auf 400 °C in 10 Minuten Chauffage de moules circulaires en acier à outils à une température de 400 °C en 10 minutes Calentamiento de matrices circulares de acero para herramientas hasta 400 °C en 10 minutos Aquecimento de bites de ferramenta circular de aço a 400° C em 10 minutos Induction heating delivers heat directly into the part, saving energy and time, can be easily integrated with a press, presents a greatly reduced footprint compared with oven, batch, carts apps_able.php
heating steel heating_61 Hardening steel pipe segments (sleeves) Härten von Stahlrohrsegmenten (Muffen) Trempe de segments de tuyau en acier (manchons)  Endurecimiento de segmentos de tubería de acero (manguitos)  Têmpera de segmentos de tubos de aço (luvas) Disappointed with low quality levels in a previously outsourced process, the customer uses induction to bring the heat treatment and the control of the end-product quality in-house. apps_able.php
heating steel heating_60 Heating a steel wire for tempering Erwärmen eines Stahldrahts zum Anlassen Chauffage d’un fil en acier en vue de son traitement par revenu Calentamiento de alambre de acero para templado Aquecimento de fios de aço para revenimento Induction heating delivers heat directly into the wire, saving energy and time, easy integration into production line, improving throughput, precise control of heat and even distribution of heat within the wire apps_able.php
heating aluminum heating_59 Preheating aluminum flanges Vorerwärmen von Aluminiumflanschen Préchauffage de brides en aluminium Precalentamiento de bridas de aluminio Pré-aquecimento de flanges de flanges [EN] Induction heating delivers higher quality end product vs. using an open flame convection furnace. Ovens are sensitive to ambient temperature and humidity variations and tend to produce uneven results apps_able.php
heating carbon heating_58 Heating a 4” Tubular Carbon Susceptor to 5400 ºF (3000 ºC) Erwärmen eines rohrförmigen 4" Carbon-Suszeptors auf 3000 ºC (5400 ºF) Chauffage d’un suscepteur en carbone tubulaire de 10,16 cm à une température de 3 000 °C (5 400 °F) Calentamiento de un susceptor tubular de carbono de 4 pulgadas hasta 3000 °C (5400 °F) Aquecendo um tubo suscetível de carbono de 4" a 3000° C A tubular carbon susceptor is held within an atmospherecontrolled quartz chamber. Induction is used to heat the susceptor apps_able.php
heating aluminum heating_57 Pre-heating aluminum wheels prior to spray painting Vorerwärmen von Aluminiumrädern vor der Spritzlackierung Préchauffage de roues en aluminium avant application de peinture par pulvérisation Precalentamiento de ruedas de aluminio antes de pintarlas por pulverización Pré-aquecendo rodas de alumínio antes de pintura à pulverização This spray painting application requires pre-heating the material. Additionally, there is a requirement that the material must not cool below a certain target temperature prior to the spray. apps_able.php
heating inconel heating_56 Heat an Inconel tube for a swaging application Erwärmen einer Inconel-Leitung für eine Gesenkschmiedeanwendung Chauffage d’un tube en Inconel en vue d’une rétreinte  Calentamiento de un tubo Inconel para una aplicación de abocardado  Aquecendo um tubo de Inconel para uma operação de estamparia A need to increase volume and quality of parts production led to the choice of an induction process over flame. Handling is minimized and continuity is assured with the precision delivery of heating only where required. apps_able.php
heating   heating_55 Heating iron oxide (Fe3O4) nanoparticles in an aqueous solution for research Erwärmen von Nanopartikeln aus Eisenoxid (Fe3O4) in einer wässrigen Lösung zu Forschungszwecken Chauffage de nanoparticules d’oxyde de fer (Fe3O4) dans une solution aqueuse pour la recherche  Calentamiento de nanopartículas de óxido de hierro (Fe3O4) en una solución acuosa para investigación  Aquecimento de nano-partículas de óxido de ferro ( Fe3O4 ) numa solução aquosa para pesquisa An eight turn helical coil is used to heat the vials. 0.0625 thick insulation is wrapped around the vial and the vial is placed in the coil. The optical temperature probe is inserted into the vial with the base of the probe located in the middle of the coil turns. apps_able.php
heating steel heating_54 Heating a pin assembly to cut holes in a rubberized material Erwärmen einer Stiftanordnung zum Schneiden von Löchern in ein gummiertes Material Chauffage d’une goupille afin de percer des trous dans un matériau caoutchouté  Calentamiento de un conjunto de punzón para cortar orificios en un material revestido de caucho  Aquecimento de um jogo de pinos para fazer furos em um material emborrachado Induction heating provides precise and consistent application of heat, consistent and repeatable results, hands-free heating that involves no operator skill for manufacturing apps_able.php
heating molybdenum heating_53 Preheating a molybdenum anode for stress relief Vorerwärmen einer Molybdän-Anode zur Spannungsentlastung Préchauffage d’une anode de molybdène en vue d’un recuit de détente Precalentamiento de un ánodo de molibdeno para recocido Pré-aquecimento de um ânodo de molibdênio para o alívio de tensão A four turn helical pancake coil is used to heat the anode. The area on the anode to be preheated is the weld between the tube and flange. apps_able.php
heating steel heating_52 Heating a steel chain for tempering Erwärmen einer Stahlkette zum Anlassen Chauffage d’une chaîne en acier en vue de son traitement par revenu Calentamiento de una cadena de acero para templado Aquecimento de uma corrente de aço para revenimento A twenty turn helical coil is used to heat the chain. The chain is fed through the coil at a rate of 1 meter per minute to reach the desired 1760 ºF (960 ºC) for the tempering process. apps_able.php
heating aluminum heating_51 Heating top of aluminum oxygen tank for end forming Erwärmen der Oberseite eines Aluminium-Sauerstofftanks zur Endformung Chauffage du haut d’un réservoir d’oxygène en aluminium en vue de son formage  Calentamiento de la parte superior de una botella de oxígeno de aluminio para su conformado final  Aquecimento para formação de ponteira no topo de um tanque de alumínio para oxigênio Through heating the top 2” (50.8mm) of aluminum oxygen tank to form a rounded end with a hole for oxygen valve apps_able.php
heating steel heating_50 Preheating steel bar stock to forge a hot formed u-bolt Vorerwärmen von Stahlstangen für das Schmieden von U-Bügeln Préchauffage d’une barre d’acier inoxydable pour le formage à chaud d’un boulon en U Precalentamiento de barras de acero para forjar pernos en U conformados en caliente Pré-aquecimento de estoque de barras de aço para forja a quente de um parafuso tipo “U” A fifteen turn helical coil with ceramic insert is used to preheat the 15” (381 mm) section of steel bar stock. apps_able.php
heating steel heating_49 Heating a steel tie down assembly to loosen steel pin for rotation Erwärmen einer Stahl-Befestigungsvorrichtung zum Lösen eines Stahlstiftes für Drehung Chauffage d’un dispositif de fixation en acier pour le desserrage de la goupille en acier en vue d’une rotation Calentamiento de un conjunto de anclaje de acero para aflojar un pasador de acero y poder girarlo Aquecimento de conjunto de abraçadeira de aço para soltar um pino de aço para a rotação Induction heating provides precise and accurate placement of heat without affecting surrounding areas, much faster process time, from hours to minutes, repeatable and consistent results and even distribution of heating apps_able.php
heating steel heating_48 Heating a carbon steel plate with a tin coating for flow-melting Erwärmen einer C-Stahl-Platte mit Zinnbeschichtung für Fluss-Schmelzung Chauffage d’une plaque en acier au carbone comportant un revêtement en étain pour la fusion à l’état fondu Calentamiento de una chapa de acero al carbono con tratamiento de estaño para fusión momentánea Aquecimento de uma chapa de aço carbono com uma camada de estanho para fundí-la em fluxo A nine turn “Dog Bone” style coil is used for the flow-melting process. The tin coated carbon steel plate is placed in the coil for 1.34 seconds to uniformly reflow the tin coating. apps_able.php
heating steel heating_47 Preheat steel for reforming Vorerwärmen von Stahl zur Reformierung Préchauffage de l’acier en vue de son reformage Precalentamiento de acero para reconformado Aquecimento de uma chapa de aço carbono com uma camada de estanho para fundí-la em fluxo Induction heating provides controllable heat pattern, ease of on site location use, safe, no open flames and even distribution of heating apps_able.php
heating steel heating_46 Preheating steel garden tools for press stamping Vorerwärmen von Gartenwerkzeugen aus Stahl zur Pressprägung Préchauffage d’outils de jardinage en acier en vue de leur estampage à la presse Precalentamiento de herramientas de jardín de acero para estampación Pré-aquecimento de ferramentas de aço para jardim com a finalidade de estamparia Induction heating provides hands-free heating that involves no operator skill for manufacturing, configurable heating profiles, faster process times and even distribution of heating apps_able.php
heating lead heating_45 Heating lead battery terminal for removal (recycling) Erwärmen eines Bleibatterie-Anschlusses für den Ausbau (Recycling) Chauffage d’une borne de batterie au plomb en vue de son retrait (recyclage)  Calentamiento de bornes de batería de plomo para su desmontaje (reciclaje)  Aquecimento terminal da bateria de chumbo para a sua remoção e reciclagem A single turn helical coil is used for this heating application. The lead terminal is placed inside the coil and is heated for 20 seconds. apps_able.php
heating steel heating_44 Heating a steel pipe to transport melted magnesium Erwärmen eines Stahlrohrs zum Transport von geschmolzenem Magnesium Chauffage d’un tuyau en acier pour la circulation de magnésium fondu  Calentamiento de un tubo de acero para el transporte de magnesio fundido  Aquecimento de um tubo de aço para o transporte de magnésio fundido Induction heating provides controllable and repeatable heat pattern that keeps material in liquid form, the technology is environmentally friendly, delivering even distribution of heating . The movable workhead can be located away from the power supply apps_able.php
heating copper heating_34 Simultaneously heating six wire bundles to strip varnish Gleichzeitiges Erwärmen von sechs Drahtbündeln zur Entfernung des Lacks Chauffage simultané de six faisceaux de fils pour le décapage du vernis  Calentamiento simultáneo de seis haces de hilos para eliminar el barniz  Aquecimento seis feixes de fios simultaneamente para tirar verniz Induction heating provides hands-free heating that involves no operator skill for manufacturing. A multi-position coil provides simultaneous heating for quicker production times. apps_able.php
heating iron oxide heating_42 Heating magnetic iron oxide in water for hyperthermia application Erwärmen von magnetischem Eisenoxid in Wasser für eine Hyperthermie-Anwendung Chauffage d’oxyde de fer magnétique dans une solution aqueuse pour des applications d’hypothermie  Calentamiento de óxido de hierro magnético en agua para aplicaciones de hipertermia  Aquecimento de óxido de ferro magnético em água para aplicação de hipertermia Heating magnetic iron oxide (Fe2O3) in water for hyperthermia application to determine the curve of temperature vs. time during induction heating apps_able.php
heating graphite heating_41 Heating graphite susceptor for glass reflow for X-ray tubes Erwärmen eines Graphit-Suszeptors zur Glasschmelze für Röntgenröhren Chauffage d’un suscepteur en graphite pour la fusion du verre de tubes à rayon X  Calentamiento de susceptores de grafito para reflujo de vidrio para tubos de rayos X  Aquecimento de suscetor de grafite para refusão de vidro para tubos de raios-X A two turn helical coil is used for heating. Six graphite susceptors are placed in the nitrogen atmosphere with glass discs and a stainless steel holder. apps_able.php
heating steel heating_39 Heating a steel mold for rubber seal vulcanization Erwärmen einer Stahlform für die Vulkanisierung von Gummidichtungen Chauffage d’un moule en acier pour la vulcanisation des joints en caoutchouc  Calentamiento de un molde de acero para vulcanización de juntas de goma  Aquecimento de um molde de aço para vulcanização de vedação borracha Induction heating provides repeatable and consistent heat, quicker process time, increased production and even distribution of heating apps_able.php
heating steel heating_38 Heating a steel steam trap for calibration testing Erwärmen einer Stahlform für die Vulkanisierung von Gummidichtungen Chauffage d’un purgeur de vapeur en acier pour la réalisation d’essais d’étalonnage Calentamiento de una trampa de vapor de acero para pruebas de calibración Aquecimento de uma dispositivo de aço para vapor com finalidade de testes de calibração To heat a steel steam trap to 212ºF (100ºC) to release steam for calibration testing apps_able.php
heating steel heating_36 Heating threaded area of fastener Erwärmen des Gewindes einer Klemme Chauffage de la zone filetée d’un élément de fixation Calentamiento de la sección roscada de una fijación Aquecimento da área rosca de um fixador Induction heating is localized only to the threaded area, decreases production time with a flameless process and delivers even distribution of heating apps_able.php
heating steel heating_35 Heating fastener blanks for thread rolling Erwärmen von Klemmen-Rohlingen zum Gewindewalzen Chauffage des flans d’un élément de fixation pour le filetage par roulage  Calentamiento de fijaciones en bruto para laminado de roscas  Aquecimento de matriz de fixador para criação de rosca Induction heating provides faster cycle times and extended tool life with preheat step, fands-free heating that involves no operator skill for manufacturing apps_able.php
heating nnitinol heating_32 Heating a Nitinol spring assembly for shape setting Erwärmen einer Nitinol-Federanordnung zur Formgebung Chauffage d’un ressort en nitinol à des fins de mise en forme  Calentamiento de un conjunto de muelle de nitinol para fraguado por calor  Aquecimento seis feixes de fios simultaneamente para tirar verniz Induction heating provides hands-free heating that involves no operator skill for manufacturing, even distribution of heating along the wire. The wire is heat treated on the winding machine, eliminating a secondary process apps_able.php
heating tantalum heating_31 Research: Heating effects on stainless steel & Tantalum discs Forschung: Wärmeauswirkungen auf Edelstahl- und Tantal-Scheiben Recherche : Effets du chauffage sur des disques en acier inoxydable et en tantale  Investigación: Efectos del calentamiento en discos de acero inoxidable y tantalio  Pesquisa: efeitos de aquecimento em aço inoxidável e discos de Tântalo A three turn helical coil is used to heat the discs to 1400 ºF (760ºC). apps_able.php
heating   heating_30 Heating solutions in vials for cancer research Erwärmen von Lösungen in Ampullen zur Krebsforschung Solutions de chauffage de tubes pour la recherche sur le cancer Soluciones de calentamiento en viales para investigación del cáncer Aquecimento de soluções em tubos de ensaio para pesquisa do câncer A four turn helical coil is used to heat the vial for 30 second intervals for five minutes with a temperature reading taken at each interval. apps_able.php
heating steel heating_29 Preheating oil drilling shaft before welding Vorerwärmen von Ölbohrwellen vor dem Schweißen Préchauffage d’un axe de forage pétrolier avant soudage Precalentamiento de barras de sondeo petrolífero antes de la soldadura O pré-aquecimento do eixo de perfuração de petróleo antes de soldar Induction pre-heating prevents shock to shaft which eliminates cracking in the welding phase. Hands-free heating that involves no operator skill for manufacturing. apps_able.php
heating copper powder heating_28 Sintering copper powder to a stainless steel shaft Sintern von Kupferpulver auf eine Edelstahlwelle Frittage de poudre de cuivre sur un arbre en acier inoxydable Sinterizado de polvo de cobre sobre un eje de acero inoxidable Sinterização de cobre em pó a um eixo de aço inoxidável A four-turn helical coil is used to heat the assembly for five minutes. This provides slow, even heat for good penetration through the shell into the powder. apps_able.php
heating steel heating_27 Bonding a Gasket to a Sombrero Nut Kleben einer Dichtung auf eine Sombrero-Mutter Liaison d’un joint sur un écrou sombrero Soldadura de una junta a una tuerca de sombrerete Colagem de uma junta à uma porca com aba A multi-turn pancake coil is used to preheat the nut. It is then transported to the next station where it is pressed onto a gasket for bonding apps_able.php
heating   heating_26 Heating a motor prior to adding an injection molded part Erwärmen eines Motors vor dem Hinzufügen eines Spritzgussteils Chauffage d’un moteur avant ajout d’une pièce moulée par injection Calentamiento de un motor antes de agregar una pieza de moldeo por inyección Aquecimento um motor antes de se adicionar uma peça moldada por injecção Induction heating enables quicker process times with increased production rates versus a gas-fired oven. Ovens require long heat-up and cool-down times apps_able.php
heating steel heating_24 Bulk heating a steel part prior to application of rubber molding Erwärmen einer großen Menge von Stahlwerkstücken vor Anwendung von Gummiguss Chauffage d’ensemble d’une pièce en acier avant application d’un moulage en caoutchouc Calentamiento en masa de una pieza de acero antes de aplicarla a un molde de goma Aquecimento a granel de peças de aço antes da aplicação de moldagem de borracha To preheat two irregularly shaped steel castings to be molded and bonded with synthetic rubber apps_able.php
heating copper heating_23 Heat a braided cable prior to cutting Erwärmen eines geflochtenen Kabels vor dem Schneiden Chauffage d’un câble tressé avant coupure Calentamiento de un cable trenzado antes de cortarlo Aquecimento de um cabo trançado antes do corte To preheat two irregularly shaped steel castings to be molded and bonded with synthetic rubber apps_able.php
heating   heating_22 Hermetically sealing glass-enclosed resistors Hermetisches Versiegeln von glasgekapselten Widerständen Scellement hermétique de résistances noyées dans le verre  Sellado hermético de resistencias encerradas en vidrio  Selamento hermético de resistores encapsulados a vidro Induction heating provides precise, consistent heat to very small parts resulting in repeatable, quality seals. By heating with medium frequency, arcing (which occurs at high frequencies) is avoided. apps_able.php
heating steel heating_21 Induction Tempering a Spring Induktionsvergüten einer Feder Traitement par revenu d’un ressort à l’aide de l’induction Templado de un muelle por inducción Revenimento a Indução para uma mola Energy is applied directly to the springs only; surrounding air and fixturing are not heated. apps_able.php
heating aluminum heating_20 Heating aluminium susceptor for powder expansion Erwärmen eines Aluminium-Suszeptors für Pulverexpansion Chauffage d’un suscepteur en aluminium pour dilatation de poudre  Calentamiento de susceptores de aluminio para expansión de polvo  Aquecimento de suscetor de alumínio para expansão de pó Expand powder into solid form for use in crash helmets apps_able.php
heating steel heating_19 Heating steel liners (engine head) Erwärmen von Stahlsegmenten (Motorkopf) Chauffage de chemises en acier (culasse de moteur) Calentamiento de camisas de acero (culatas de motor) Aquecimento de alinhadores de aço (cabeçote de motor) Precise direct heat to disengage the aluminium quickly and cleanly. The aluminium casing is recycled and reused thereby reducing scrap and cutting costs. apps_able.php
heating steel heating_18 Conveyor steel plate heating Erwärmen von Förderer-Stahlplatten Chauffage de la plaque en acier d’un transporteur Calentamiento de placas de acero para transportadores Aquecimento de chapas em esteiras de transporte de aço Heat steel plates on conveyor system in order to cook Welsh cakes. apps_able.php
heating steel heating_17 Heat steel pliers handle for bending Erwärmen eines Stahlzangengriffs zum Biegen Chauffage de la poignée d’une pince en acier en vue de son pliage Calentamiento del asa de unos alicates de acero para doblarla Aquecimento de cabos de alicate de aço para dobra Precisely heating the desired zone avoids overheating of part. This provides higher quality vs. heating with a torch. apps_able.php
heating steel heating_15 Heat aluminum molds to release baked food products Erwärmen von Aluminiumformen zur Freigabe von gebackenen Nahrungsmitteln Chauffage de moules en aluminium pour le démoulage de produits alimentaires cuits au four Calentamiento de moldes de aluminio para desmoldeo de productos alimenticios horneados Aquecimento de moldes de alumínio para liberar produtos alimentícios assados Induction heating is safer than heating with a convection oven. Grease from the molds causes a fire hazard and waste gases in the oven. apps_able.php
heating steel heating_14 Heat twelve steel tubes simultaneously Gleichzeitiges Erwärmen von zwölf Stahlrohren Chauffage simultané de douze tubes en acier Calentamiento simultáneo de doce tubos de acero Aquecendo simultaneamente doze tubos de aço The coil is comprised of two (2) six-position helical coils connected together in parallel to reduce the voltage requirements on the power supply. apps_able.php
heating steel heating_13 Heat automotive seat springs to powder coat Erwärmen von Autositz-Federn für Pulverbeschichtung Chauffage des ressorts de sièges automobiles pour l’application d’un revêtement par pulvérisation Calentamiento de muelles de asientos de automóvil para pintura en polvo Aquecimento de molas de assentos automotivos para revestimento em pó Even heating of the spring before dipping provides uniform flow and provides consistent thickness of the nylon coating apps_able.php
heating steel heating_12 Heating of steel rivet ends (turbines) Erwärmen von Stahlnietenden (Turbinen) Chauffage des extrémités de rivets en acier (turbines) Calentamiento de extremos de remaches de acero (turbinas) Aquecimento de ponteiras de rebites de aço ( turbinas ) Heating steel rivets prior to head forming apps_able.php
heating steel heating_11 Pre-heating for a Hot-rolling Operation Vorerwärmen für einen Warmwalzvorgang Préchauffage pour une opération de laminage à chaud Precalentamiento para una planta de laminación en caliente Pré- aquecimento para uma operação de laminagem a quente Induction heating provides a much more rapid process compared to cold-rolling; the desired profile is achieved after a few seconds, compared with a few minutes. apps_able.php
heating graphite heating_10 Oxidation of Graphite Anodes Oxidieren von Graphit-Anoden Oxydation d’anodes en graphite Oxidación de ánodos de grafito Oxidação de ânodos de grafite Heating carbon graphite anodes to destructively oxidize the parts to process embedded contaminants apps_able.php
heating   heating_9 Heat the end of catalytic converter for weld testing Erwärmen des Endes eines Katalysators zur Schweißnahtprüfung Chauffage de l’extrémité d’un pot catalytique à des fins de contrôle des soudures Calentamiento del extremo de un catalizador para ensayos de soldadura Aquecimento da extremidade do conversor catalítico para ensaios de solda Heat the end of lorry catalytic converter exhaust system. The assembly must be held at target temperature for 200 hours, whilst the assembly is vibrated to test the weld strength apps_able.php
heating copper heating_8 Wire stripping (varnish removal) Drahtabisolierung (Lackentfernung) Décapage de fil (retrait du vernis)  Pelado de cables (eliminación de barniz)  Decapagem de Fios para remoção de verniz An eight turn helical coil is used to generate the desired heat pattern. The coil has a 0.62” ID. An individual wire is inserted and heated to burn off the varnish for 5 seconds. apps_able.php
heating steel heating_7 Heating Wire-impregnated Hose for Tube Forming Erwärmen eines drahtverstärkten Schlauchs zur Leitungsformung Chauffage d’un tuyau comprenant un treillis métallique pour le formage d’un tube Calentamiento de manguera impregnada de alambre para formación de tubos Aquecimento Wire- impregnado Mangueira para Tubo Formando To reach a temperature of around 300 F requires a minimal amount of power. apps_able.php
heating steel heating_6 Wire stripping (heating varnish) Drahtabisolierung (Lackerwärmung) Décapage de fil (chauffage du vernis) Pelado de cables (calentamiento del barniz) Descascagem de fios (aquecimento do verniz) Removal of electrical varnish from copper strands of various diameters apps_able.php
heating steel heating_5 Heat setting of Nitinol Erwärmen eines Nitinol-Aufbaus Durcissement à chaud du nitinol Fraguado de nitinol por calor Definição faixa de calor de Nitinol The Ambrell system heats the fixture to the set point at the rates specified and the Nitinol wire is shaped as desired within 4 minutes, using less energy and time than traditional oven heating methods. apps_able.php
heating steel heating_4 Heating Copper Wire for Stripping Erwärmen von Kupferdraht zur Abisolierung Chauffage d’un fil en cuivre en vue de son décapage Calentamiento de hilo de cobre para pelado Aquecimento fio de cobre para decapagem Removal of electrical varnish from copper strands of various diameters apps_able.php
heating steel heating_3 Sintering Powdered Metals for Satellite Positioning System Sintern von Metallpulver für eine Satelliten-Positioniersystem Frittage de métaux en poudre pour des systèmes de positionnement par satellite  Sinterización de metales en polvo para sistema de posicionamiento por satélite  Sinterização de metais em pó para Sistemas de Posicionamento por Satélite A four turn helical coil is used for the sintering process. Power is applied for thirty minutes under a nitrogen flooding apps_able.php
heating steel heating_2 Heating Eight Steel Rods Simultaneously for a Molding Process Gleichzeitiges Erwärmen von acht Stahlstäben für einen Formprozess Chauffage simultané de huit tiges en acier pour un procédé de moulage Calentamiento simultáneo de ocho barras de acero para un proceso de moldeo Aquecimento simultãneo de oito cilindros de aço para um processo de moldagem Heat eight steel rods simultaneously to 212°F (100°C) for a molding operation. apps_able.php
heating steel heating_1 De-Carburizing Jet Engine Fuel Nozzle Entkohlen von Strahltriebwerk-Kraftstoffdüsen Décarburation des injecteurs de carburant d’un moteur à réaction Descarburización de inyectores de combustible de motores de propulsión a chorro Descarbonização de bicos de combustível de motores a jato Heat a jet engine fuel nozzle to 1400°F (760°C) in order to decarburize it. apps_able.php