Forging with Induction

Ambrell has over 10,000 systems installed in over 50 countries and many of them are forging application installations.

forging with induction

Improve your forging process without flame! Induction heating for forging focuses energy in your part only. You don't need a torch or a costly batch or furnace process. Forge your materials in a repeatable, precise flameless process.

We offer exceptional customer service before and after the sale. Your forging application will be analyzed and tested in the nearest Ambrell Applications Lab. There is no charge, and you will receive a system recommendation designed to deliver the best possible solution for your brazing requirements. Ambrell delivers the expertise, innovation and system quality to give your company a competitive edge.

Ambrell: About Induction Heating

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Forging - the oldest means of metalworking - includes methods of plastically deforming a metal by hammering, sometimes resulting in a stronger workpiece. Most often, a hot-forming process is used in which the temperature of the workpiece is elevated in an oven, by direct flame or by induction.

Open-die forging usually involves striking the workpiece with a hammer against an anvil: good for short-run or single-piece work.

In impression-die (or closed-die) forging, the workpiece is compressed between two die halves, such that the metal is deformed in the cavity between them. Forged pieces have outstanding grain structure and the best combination of mechanical properties.

Using Induction
Heating bar stock prior to hot-forming operatipon

Induction heating is a prime candidate for many forging applications. The process and economic inefficiencies of gas furnaces or flames are avoided with this unique technology which quickly and accurately delivers the required heating to the workpiece only. Additional benefits accrue since the heating can be integrated into the forging process nearer the die. With Ambrell's modern technology, remote heat stations are placed directly into production lines for high volume rapid forging processes.

At Work
Heating bar stock prior to forging

Hot forging takes place at workpiece temperatures above which recrystallization occurs. This process requires uniform through-heating. Typical part geometries are simple, often comprising of bar stock, tubular products, and sheet metal.

utm_medium material docid title title_DE title_FR title_ES blurb regn_link
forging steel forging_10 Preheating steel rods for forging in a fastener manufacturing process Vorwärmen Stahlstangen zum Schmieden in einem Befestigungselement Herstellungsprozess* Le préchauffage des tiges d'acier pour le forgeage dans un procédé de fabrication d'une fermeture* Precalentamiento varillas de acero para forja en un proceso de fabricación de cierres* The client targeted an aggressive cycle time, achieve thanks to our process design and the efficiency of induction heating; fast heating means greater manufacturing throughput apps_able.php
forging   forging_9 Forging rods of various materials and dimensions Schmieden von Stäben verschiedener Materialien und Abmessungen Forgeage de barres de divers matériaux et dimensions Forja de barras de diversos materiales y medidas Each of the rods were placed into the coil and heated. They achieved the targeted temperature in 30-40 seconds. The coil was designed for a 5” (127 mm) heat zone. apps_able.php
forging steel forging_7 Preheating a billet for forging Vorwärmen eines Barrens zum Schmieden Préchauffage de billettes pour le forgeage Precalentamiento de un tocho para forja The client needed to improve the cycle time of their gas furnace, and by preheating it prior to insertion into the furnace, time was saved and the client didn’t have to invest in doubling the size of their furnace. apps_able.php
forging brass forging_8 Preheating a brass rod for forging Vorwärmen eines Messingstabs zum Schmieden Préchauffage de barres en laiton pour le forgeage Precalentamiento de una barra de latón para forja The client wanted to cut the cycle time it was getting from a torch in half, and the Ambrell induction process was able to meet that goal. apps_able.php
forging brass forging_6 Preheating a brass assembly for forging blanks Vorwärmen einer Messing-Baugruppe zum Schmieden von Rohlingen Préchauffage d’assemblages en laiton pour le forgeage de flans Precalentamiento de un conjunto de latón para forja de piezas en bruto : The client was using a competitor’s system, and it was heating the assembly at a slower rate. They needed to increase their production rate, which this solution was able to achieve. apps_able.php
forging steel forging_5 Preheating steel rods for forging in a fastener manufacturing process Vorwärmen von Stahlstäben zum Schmieden in einem Fertigungsprozess für Befestigungselemente Préchauffage de barres en acier pour le forgeage lors du procédé de fabrication de fixations Precalentamiento de barras de acero para forja en procesos de fabricación de fijaciones The client targeted an aggressive cycle time, which Ambrell was able to achieve thanks to its process design and the efficiency of induction heating apps_able.php
forging   forging_4 Preheating for forging of steel pins Vorwärmen zum Schmieden von Stahlstiften Préchauffage pour le forgeage de broches en acier Precalentamiento para forja de pasadores de acero Fast, precise heating of the pin – 2 minutes and 36 seconds were saved on heating all of the rim’s pins when compared to using a torch apps_able.php
forging titanium forging_3 Preheating Titanium Rods for Forging Turbine Blades Vorwärmen von Titanstäben zum Schmieden von Turbinenschaufeln Préchauffage de barres en titane pour le forgeage d’aubes de turbine Precalentamiento de barras de titanio para forja de álabes de turbina Induction heating provides increased production rates, repeatable, reliable & consistent heat without flame and hands-free heating that involves no operator skill for manufacturing apps_able.php
forging   forging_2 Forging Mold Release Push Rods Schmieden von Formtrenn-Schubstangen Forgeage de tiges-poussoirs pour démoulage Forja de barras de presión para desmoldeo To heat the ends of steel rods to 1800ºF prior to a forging operation. apps_able.php
forging steel forging_1 Steel Horse Shoes Stahl-Hufeisen Fers à cheval en acier Herraduras de acero With an induction coil in place, the steel would be fed continuously from a roll through the induction coil and into the forging press. I apps_able.php