Medical Device Manufacture with Induction

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medical device manufacturing with induction

Medical Applications for Precision Induction Heating

Medical Applications for Precision Induction Heating

Induction heating is a method of providing fast, consistent heat for manufacturing and research applications which involve bonding or changing the properties of metals or other electrically conductive materials.

Induction heating is used in a wide variety of applications involving the manufacture of finished medical devices and electronics and medical research. Catheter tipping and forming, molding, brazing of small tools, soldering of surgical tools, adhesive curing, annealing, precision soldering, hardening, metal-to-plastic bonding and other processes all benefit from the many advantages offered by modern solid state induction heating systems.

We offer exceptional customer service before and after the sale. Your Medical Device Manufacture application will be analyzed and tested in the nearest Ambrell Applications Lab. There is no charge, and you will receive a system recommendation designed to deliver the best possible solution for your brazing requirements. Ambrell delivers the expertise, innovation and system quality to give your company a competitive edge.

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utm_medium material docid title blurb
medical copper soldering_14 Soldering brass and copper (anesthetic medical equipment)  
medical steel med_anneal Annealing steel tubes in an inert atmosphere.  
medical plastic med_bond Bonding a plastic handle to a surgical knife  
medical   med_bezel Brazing a medical heat sensing probe  
medical steel med_braze2 Brazing steel dental tools  
medical steel med_braze3 Brazing steel orthodontic parts  
medical teflon med_reflow Catheter Tipping teflon tubing  
medical steel med_hard Hardening surgical blades  
medical   med_die Heating a catheter tipping die  
medical nitinol med_heat Heat Setting a shape memory alloy (Nitinol)  
medical graphite shrinkfitting_1 Shrink Fitting a graphite ring insert  
medical steel brazing_19 Brazing carbide to steel for a surgical device  
medical thermoplastic catheter_02 Fuse thermoplastic catheter tubes  
medical steel brazing_29 Brazing dental begg brackets  
medical plastic bonding_4 Bonding Metal Housings to Plastic Holders for Lenses  
medical steel bonding_5 Bonding Metal to Plastic for Dental Tools