Fiber Optics Solutions with Induction

Ambrell has over 10,000 systems installed in over 50 countries and many of them are fiber optics application installations.

fiber optic solutions with induction

Manufacturers of fiber optic materials and assemblies are searching for a faster, more consistent, highly accurate heat source for ferrule soldering, hermetic sealing, epoxy curing, fiber drawing and other heating processes.

We offer exceptional customer service before and after the sale. Your fiber optics application will be analyzed and tested in the nearest Ambrell Applications Lab. There is no charge, and you will receive a system recommendation designed to deliver the best possible solution for your brazing requirements. Ambrell delivers the expertise, innovation and system quality to give your company a competitive edge.

Ambrell: About Induction Heating

Read our 4-page brochure "About Induction Heating". Learn more about how the science of induction technology can solve your precision heating problems.

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soldering glass feedthroughs

Fast heating times and temperatures below 500°F are preferred for fiber optic soldering due to the heat-sensitive nature of the components. It is difficult to achieve these desired results with resistance heating and hot air (the two most commonly used heating methods) and neither of these can be easily automated for high speed production.

Solid state induction heating offers exciting possibilities for manufacturers of fiber optic components. With the proper coil design, induction heat is highly selective, able to target small areas with pinpoint accuracy. Heating cycles are normally reduced to just a few seconds, depending on the application. Since there is no hot air to transmit impurities and the parts never come in direct contact with the heating coil, induction is an amazingly clean source of heat for hermetic sealing. And with the appropriate fixturing, the entire process can be automated for maximum speed and consistency.

Ameritherm's advanced induction technology provides precision ±2°F temperature control and is easily adaptable for a variety of solder materials. Our compact, lightweight EASYHEAT systems generally produce more than enough heat to quickly solder component-size parts at temperatures below 500°F.

Among the many benefits you can enjoy with induction processing:

  • Short heat cycles
  • Low temperatures
  • Pinpoint accuracy
  • No impurities
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fiber-optics   fibopt_curing Curing Epoxy On A Laser Diode Assembly Curing Epoxy On A Laser Diode Assembly Curing Epoxy On A Laser Diode Assembly Curing Epoxy On A Laser Diode Assembly To heat epoxy on a laser diode assembly to 250°F within 5 seconds for a curing application
fiber-optics   fibopt_melt Melting Glass For Fiber Drawing Melting Glass For Fiber Drawing Melting Glass For Fiber Drawing Melting Glass For Fiber Drawing To heat a metal susceptor vessel to 2200°F within 25 minutes for a fiberglass melting application