Brake Rotor Curing with Induction Heating

Induction heating generates the heat from within the rotor improving the quality of the finished coating by curing from the metal coating interface allowing for any outgassing during the curing process.

Brake Rotor Curing

Brake Rotor Curing with Induction

Read our 4-page brochure 'Precision Induction 'Heating for Automotive Rotor Treatment'. It is an informative look at the benefits induction can bring to your rotor curing process.

Simple, cost-effective

Protective coatings used on automotive brake rotors provide a more durable and visually appealing product by reducing rust and corrosion. Once protective coatings are applied, typically they are dried or cured in an oven. However, using induction heating for rotor finishing saves on energy costs and valuable production time.

Even, safe heating

Induction heating consistently produces a quality cure of specialty coatings by using a uniquely designed coil and power supply to provide precise, even temperature across the rotor. It is safe for water-based cadmium- and chromium-free coatings.

Ease of integration

Many users have realized the significant advantages to incorporating induction heating into the curing process for coating. With over 10,000 induction heating system installations for many different applications across the world, you can count on Ambrell to design a system that will enhance production.